Website Hosting

We Provide a series of Comprehensive Professional Services

We have all of the tools needed for a successful site launch and the continued maintenance of your website. There are three must-haves for a complete website solution; a registered Domain Name, Web Hosting, and a Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Domain Name – Your domain name is your address on the internet, it is also called URL (Uniform Resource Locator) for example​ If you don’t have a Domain yet, no problem, we will help you to source a names for you to choose from, and then purchase it for you from on your behalf. (Domain registrations start at $14.95 and for your added protection and security we recommend adding Domain Security for an additional $9.95). For your convenience, we are happy to secure your website domain for you.

Website Hosting – You must have a Web Hosting Account for website. The hosting account, consists of space on a server where your files will reside. Think of your web hosting as the computer. If you don’t already have your hosting in place, we are happy to host your site on our server.

SSL – The last but most important is to have a Secure Socket Layer often referred to as an SSL Certificate or just SSL. Why is this important, having that green lock on the search bar of the browser lets your visitors now any data they exchange with you on your website is protected from prying eyes. There are plenty of them on the internet. Google has added a warning on the search bar to visitors stating “not secure” if you do not have an SSL for your site. This message may make visitors to your website unconformable and may cause them to leave your site altogether. Having an SSL for your website will rank your website higher and is good for your SEO (search engine optimization).​


Website Hosting Services

$ 120.00 yearly

    • Hosting Account – $120.00
    • SSL (Included)
    • Emails (Included)
Secure Your Hosting

Domain Name Services

$ 24.90 yearly

    • $14.95 – Yearly Domain (.com, .org or .net)
    • $9.95 – Yearly Domain Security
Secure Your Domain Name