Event Planning

Event Planning

D’Vacor specializes in event planning on all levels. Our business skills and innate ability to organize and plan events of all styles make us an ideal partner for your company.
Our staff of dedicated professionals are ready to perform all the necessary functions for your event and or lead your event planning team to ensure you have a successful event.

Demonstrated Abilities:

    • Deliver first-class customer service to executives and clients
    • Plan, organize and meet all event timelines and/or deadlines
    • Compose and Manage Event Budgets and ensure that all task are performed within confines of set expenditures
    • Oversee Event Operations & Coordination
    • Solicit, Train and Hire Volunteers and staff
    • Research, Reserve and Negotiate Contracts for Event Venues
    • Design and Manage Effective Registration process based on Event
    • Oversee and Manage Event Onsite Logistics
    • Manage Vendor Related Issues & Execute Onsite Events
    • Research and Engage Sponsor Partnerships
    • Create Contracts and Marketing Material
    • Prepare event site, layout and signage
    • Floor plan design, licenses etc…
    • Post-show evaluation and reports
    • And more

As an effective communicators, we work well with promoters and organizers of all types and on all levels. we are use to constant change, and are comfortable in stressful situations. Our proven ability to negotiate and build strong partnerships with local and national sponsors has helped ensure stakeholder brands are properly presented and flawlessly exposed to event patrons.

Working with your company will be a great opportunity to utilize our leadership capabilities and contribute to your company’s mission.

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If you are planning an event, or need help with an event already in the works, D’Vacor  is ready to help!

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